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A new strategy of sorts

August 30th, 2007 at 05:15 pm

Well, since I am very much into instant gratification (I mean, why else would I have gotten into CC debt in the first place?) I think I am going to change my CC pay off strategy.
I am now going to concentrate on paying of the smallest card. It has a lower interest rate than the large card but I will be able to pay it off much faster and actually feel like I have accomplished something. I am hoping that small victory will rally me for the rest of the job!
I am also going to call direct tv and cancel my HBO subscription. There really isn't much on and I have Starz which seems to be much more usefull. I also want to cancel the horrid little direct tv magazine also--such a waste of money.
Ofcourse I have some spending to do as well in the coming days--I want to get a new aquarium for my goldfish. She is currently in a 10 gallon and I would like to get her a bigger one since she is about 5 inches. It is a pain to clean out the aquarium now so at least with a larger one I won;t have to clean as often and I will have enough room to put some "furniture" in there for her.

3 Responses to “A new strategy of sorts”

  1. quippymcflippy Says:

    I support you in this cause - it's exactly how I chipped away at my student loan debt. Everybody thought I was crazy when I tackled the "smallest" provincial loan first (In Canada during my university years I was between systems and had loans provincially, federally, and with the banks).

    I basically paid off a 3k chunk, then 6k, then left the ugly 19k to last... but by the time I got there I was on a roll!

  2. My English Castle Says:

    That's the Dave Ramsey method--smallest one first so you get the snowball rolling. I think it works, even if it doesn't make the most penny-stretching sense because of the psychological boost. And sometimes that's the most important part.
    Good job!

  3. Amber Says:

    Good luck, when I was paying off debt I did the same thing and it worked

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