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Makin' extra money

October 22nd, 2007 at 02:29 pm

Well. first to update about the car--I did get it and I love it! My gas costs have gone down by half and my insurance didn't go up to much. I got a great deal and a good interest rate. Yea for good credit scores!
Now to the makin' money--I make jewelry as a hobby and a bit of a side business if the right opportunity presents itself. Well it presented itself this week at work. I made $41 from one co-worker. Actually most of that was recouping cost and not profit but I do it as a hobby so if I can support my habit I am happy. That money will go towards vacation next weekend.
I was going to use my hotel points on my vacation to Alaska in May but the hotel chain blacks out promo days during the season in Alaska so I went ahead and used them for Orlando next weekend--three days hotel for $0!