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The cash effect

September 4th, 2009 at 06:03 pm

So I am continuing on the path to debt freedom. I am always on the lookout for tricks to help out. Well, it seems, at least to me, that cash is the way.
I have generally had a budget that I am pretty good at sticking to.
I have a certain amount of money to spend freely each pay week that I can spend as I see fit. I have always just left it in my checking account and used my debit card to pay for purchases always keeping a running total of whats left. Most weeks I do OK but sometimes I over spend, putting the extra on the CC until the next pay check.
The job I have now I make more than I need for my bills and spending allowance. I use that extra money to pay off debt or save. So when I overspend one pay week I just take it out of this extra money the next week. I still don't run up the CC but it does take out money I could be saving or paying off debt with.
So last week I decided I would take all my spending money out in cash and not use the debit card. Well, you know what? I spent about 20% less using the cash method. Now, I don't results like this every week but I was impressed with the outcome. So from now on CASH IS KING!
Any tricks you use???