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goober mistake

December 29th, 2007 at 05:02 pm

I guess I had one of those moments. I pay my car payment online and early. Well, I logged in to the site and did my thing on Thursday evening. On Friday, I checked the site and it didn't show the payment as going through. I thought that maybe I had forgotten to hit the submit button. Instead of waiting a day or two, dince I was paying early, I made another payment making sure to hit the submit button this time.
Well wouldn't you know it I ended up making 2 payments! I had to scamble to transfer money from my EF to my checking acct so nothing would bounce.
Thankfully even though extra money goes to principle it also will show on my acct as not having to make a payment for Feb. so I will just replace my EF money then.
What a goober! But luckily I had the money in the ol' EF to take care of the mistake