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computers and fans

July 10th, 2007 at 09:27 am

I finally got my fan installed this weekend. I have not had the A/C lower than 78 since. I need a cool room to sleep at night and the fan is doing a marvelous job even at 78. Hopefully it will make a large impact on the power bill. The only thing I am a bit worried about is that I have a goldfish (her name is Fluffy) and her water temp has risen a bit since the A/C has been at a higher temp. Now I know goldfish are hardy individuals--God knows she would be dead already if she wasn't--but I dont want to stress her by having her water so warm. Although at almost 5 inches long I am seriously considering getting her a new tank. Right now she is in a 10gal but I don;t have a filter in the aquarium and with the warmer temps come more algae growth and her tank gets dirtier quicker. OK I have babbled enoght about the fish.
My computer has also been having issues getting on the internet. I have called tech support with Bellsouth and they couldn't diagnose the problem. Fortunely my dad has a friend that is a former IT guy and he agreed to look at it. Well, apparently the virus protection and firewall that Bellsouth has as part of their service is useless--Without going into techno speak because I don;t know any of it, basically my computer should have been declared a disaster area by the CDC--Full of viruses and various other bad stuff. I should be getting it back tonight and will once again be able to spend copious amounts of time wasting time on the computer! And the cost???? A bottle of Gin--my kind of tech support!!

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  1. mbkonef Says:

    That sounds as good as my techie neighbor who fixed ours for chocolate chip cookies! Those are the best kind of friends to have!

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