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Magazine subscriptions

July 31st, 2007 at 04:31 pm

Just wanted to pass this along. I am looking into getting a subscription to Budget Travel Magazine. I have a couple of issues I have bought and have the annoying little subscription cards that come in them. I have been meaning to subscribe but haven't managed to put the card in the mail yet so I went online to subscribe that way. Get this--the card in the Mag offers the subscription for $10/yr the website charges $12/yr--What gives????
Do other mags do that too???

1 Responses to “Magazine subscriptions”

  1. fairy74 Says:

    yep, Natural Health is more expensive online than by the card in the magazine. Maybe they figure if you bought the magazine you already got massively overcharged once? Try ebates, they have a lot of places that sell discount magazines and you get a percentage of what you buy back.

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