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mini vacation

September 22nd, 2007 at 02:34 pm

The end of next month I will be taking a mini vacation to Orlando--yes the capital of all things expensive, commercial, and touristy. Actually I used to be part of the touristy part, I worked at SeaWorld. SO I am going to be visting friends and partaking of the most wonderful activity at that other place (you know the one with the mouse--you see at SW Disney was a 6 letter wordSmile) The Food and Wind festival--it is so fun to eat and drink your way around the world! I will also be stopping for a day or so on the way up there to stop in and see my dad who is working temp at another plant.
Anyway, I have been putting aside about $20-40 each paycheck from my spending money plus change and what not so my spending money will be taken care of and I also belong to a frequent stay program with Choice hotels and have enough points to have 2 free hotel nights. I was saving all my points for my vacation to Alaska but these points expire the end of this year so I need to use them or lose them.
So basically the only money I will have to take out of my official vacation fund is money for one night hotel, gas to get to Orlando and the disney ticket. I might be able to swing a free ticket but it is a long shot. I will be going with an annual pass holder so I wont have to pay for parking.
I will be able to make up for the money I will be taking out of the vacation fund in February since I will be working about 30-40 hours of overtime for about 6 weeks then.
I have also started volunteering at the Dolphin Research Center. I have only been there once so far but its nice. It is a bit of a drive (75 miles one way) but it is a nice drive and it feels good to be active around animals again.

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  1. Amber Says:

    Wow it must have been exciting working at See World. Enjoy your trip.

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