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new car?

September 26th, 2007 at 04:30 pm

Well, it might be time to put the old girl out of her misery. My current car has 120K miles and is 11 years old. I am sure it has a bit more life in it but it is getting to that magic point where without a mechanic on permanent retainer it is just getting too unreliable for my comfort. I do a lot of travelling and I work odd hours at an out of way place.
Anyway, I haven't completely made up my mind but I am leaning in the direction of getting a new car.
One good thing is that I work for a very large corporation which has corporate pricing for autos. SO I am looking at a 2008 Honda Civic EX. The corporate price I qualify for is aobut 3K below retail list. Not bad. Hondas also have a good resale value so when I go to sell or trade it in a few years it will still be worth it. (yes I know I should run it into the ground but this car is not my ideal car and it is for the short term. Yes, I also realize I should buy a used car if I only plan to keep it a short time but I do not want to inherit someone elses problems)

6 Responses to “new car?”

  1. Fred Says:

    Hondas are like every other car, they depreciate like a rock. Maybe a smaller rock, but still a rock.

    We have a 97 Honda with 180k and it has plenty of life to it.

    We buy used cars for cash and run them until we have the cash to replace them, so that would be what I would do.

  2. campfrugal Says:

    I have always bought Jeeps, but I put 240k on my first jeep, drove it for 12 years and sold it for $1500, then I bought my second jeep which now my husband is driving and it just turned over 220k. It is a 1995. My son's jeep (a 1996) has over 200k on it and I have a 2001, but it only has 85k on it. The first jeep was the only one bought brand new and I paid cash for it. The rest of them we buy a couple years used and then we run them into the ground. I recently went and looked at newer used jeeps, but the price detered me. Instead, I went and gave mine a car wash - it looked brand new.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    I am probably the only one on here, but I always buy new. I hate fixing cars. Or being without!

  4. Maismom Says:

    I bought mine new, too. (2004 Toyota RAV4) I checked the price around, and the used one wasn't much cheaper than new one. So, I bought it new.

  5. Brooklyn girl Says:

    We bought our car used. (2000 Mitsubishi galant).
    And DH commutes for over 3 hrs a DAY!
    ALL the people we know who make less than us (sometimes half as much) always get new cars (about every 3 years) and mainly use them for recreation (driving to work in Manhattan is just a bad, bad idea)

    Our little workhorse did not give us any trouble so far besides the alternator (400$).

    Everything else we have to spend on it - routine maintenance, parking tickets, repair after a crush... would have been the same for a new car (probably more for fixing it after a crush)

    Not to mention that dings and scraches that are guaranteed to appear on a city car that always has to be parked on the street would drive us crazy if it was new.

  6. terri77 Says:

    I'm about to replace my 1997 Toyota Corolla. It has 115k on it. I've had it since 2000. It's been in the shop twice the past 3 months for $1200 in repairs. It's fine now, but I'm driving to New Orleans for grad school and want something less prone to breaking down. I'm looking at Toyotas and Hondas. I had planned to get used but the used are about as much as the new. My dad and I are going to test drive some cars this Saturday and I plan on bringing something home then. I'll try to get $3k for my Corolla.

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